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Aside from her history making election as the first black Trustee in Clinton Township, Tammy Patton is a unique Trustee because she is not motivated by the furthering of her career or access to power. Tammy serves in office to serve the people. To give them a voice. To give them hope. To let them know that someone is listening to them, thinking of them, working for them and held accountable by them. So many things feel out of our control, but Tammy knows that the first step towards progress leads to another and another and another.

Tammy has set out goals to advocate for the citizens of Clinton Township and ensure their voices are heard in government.




Tammy knows that the Clinton Township Police Department is a pillar in our community and supporting the CTPD is absolutely integral to the continued well-being of Clinton Township. A safe community is the number one priority. That is why Tammy Patton fights to ensure they have access to the resources they need to both protect and serve while remaining fair and respectful arbiters of the law.

Tammy has embedded herself in the CTPD to get a firsthand experience. Alongside several ride alongs with officers, she has completed an eight-hour training with Officers Maisano and Blake training electively on Fair & Impartial Policing: De-escelation. She received certification for the training. Tammy gained insight into the programs utilized to train the police and fire departments in implicit bias. She also spent a day shadowing Lt. Madajczyk of the Clinton Township Police Department in the intricacies of detective work. Topics covered included how cases are assigned, warrants, DNA processing, follow-ups, paperwork, emerging technologies and more.

Talkin' with Tammy T. is a webseries that was created primarily to highlight the experiences of local police officers and fire fighters, as well as other community organizations, so Tammy could provide a platform for essential local employees to speak to the public.  Hear the stories of the police officers below:

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Touchinoo Chang, CTPD


Klajei Dallo, CTPD

Joseph Biggers, CTPD

Brandon Blake, CTPD

Bruce Wade, CTPD

Dina Caringi, CTPD

Adam Hackstock, CTPD

Michael Marker, CTPD

John Cooke, CTPD


A fire is a moment of urgent crisis and the Clinton Township Fire Department regularly rise above and beyond to arrive immediately and save lives. Tammy wants to center these heroes in our community and ensure they have the governmental support to do this critical work. On her various committees, she fights for resources and voice for the CTFD.

Tammy has immersed herself in the day-to-day lives of fire fighters. She participated in a twelve hour ride along and in that single shift experienced several medical runs, a response to a fire call and a rollover accident on I-94. She was educated on the intricacies of the Engine 1 fire truck at Station 5. Tammy also attended the Clinton Township Firefighters extrication training to learn about the tools and methods needed to save someone's life in the event of a car wreck. She witnessed just how monumentally difficult it is to arrive at a wreck and extricate the victim. Firefighter Training chief Steve Dalton, Firefighter Phil Hall from Dearborn Firefighters led the training.

Talkin' with Tammy T. is a webseries that was created primarily to highlight the experiences of local police officers and fire fighters, as well as other community organizations, so Tammy could provide a platform for essential local employees to speak to the public.  Hear the stories of the fire fighters below:

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Jimmy Wilkins, CTFD

John Gallagher, CTFD

Stuart McIntosh, CTFD

Tim Duncan, CTFD

Sean Dalton, CTFD


The police and fire departments are not the only first responders in Clinton township that save lives. Tammy Patton received a tour of Medstar from Chief Executive Officer Kolby Miller and learned firsthand about their phenomenal programs. She works to promote their services in the community to strengthen the protections of vulnerable citizens.

Tammy is also very involved Traffic Safety Association and regularly attends meetings to hear about ongoing issues with traffic hazards and weigh in on plans to strengthen the safety of our roads and intersections.


As a veteran, Tammy can attest to the disconnect between veterans and our community. The transition back to civilian life is incredibly difficult and hugely individual. There are solid resources for veterans in Clinton Township, but there is a deep flaw in getting word of those options to the veterans themselves. We must bolster these programs and educate the public to their availability. 

Tammy works tirelessly for the needs of veterans in her various committee roles. Veteran services are in dire need and programs offering aid deserve to be funded and expanded. Tammy has met with Detroit Arsenal, Rose-A-Lee Technologies and the Government Relations Office to partner on these initiatives.




Tammy maintains strong relationships with local business owners and makes listening to their needs a primarily goal. She serves on the Economic Development and Ways & Means committees and advocates for policy that bolsters commerce in our community by listening to those building within it. A strong economy is a rising tide that lifts all boats.

She frequently attends ribbon cuttings and grand openings to welcome new businesses and meet business owners in the community, while spotlighting them. While in office she has celebrated the openings of:

M&M Vape
Backyard Bar and Games
Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh
Shoot Point Blank Range & Gun
Jon Smith Subs
Tees on Full
Mi Pueblo
Chester's Menswear
Consign Couture Interiors & Inspiration
Mr. Muffler Auto Repair
Sweetwaters Tea & Coffee


Tammy is honored to have been elected to use  her unique voice on the Board of Trustees to fight for the health and wellness of our Township. But she knows that multi-pronged approach is the crux of a successful effort. So she created a non-profit, Team Patton Outreach, to push for change from outside office as well.

Some recent efforts of Team Patton Outreach include bringing Hear Now Audiology & Tinnitus Center to the Township Boardroom and offer their Loop system which increases the effectiveness and audio quality of hearing aids and cochlear implants. They replaced the carpet in a senior living home that has needed a replacement for twenty-five years. They partnered with Macomb Rotating Emergency Shelter Team (MCREST) to provide Christmas gifts and food to 22 families. And they facilitate Tammy's annual stuffed animal drive.


Talkin' with Tammy T. is a webseries that was created primarily to highlight the experiences of local police officers and fire fighters, as well as other community organizations, so Tammy could provide a platform for essential local employees to speak to the public. 

The interviews with police officers and fire fighters are in above sections, but below are the additional interviews completed:


Arboretum Committee

Board of Ethics

Historical Commission


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Something that defines Tammy Patton is her quest for education; personal development and betterment. So when Tammy was able to participate in Class 24 of the Leadership Macomb program she said yes immediately. Meeting once or twice a month over the course of nine months, she was able to build relationships with key departments and leaders within the county and gain insight into how the county runs.

Some of the opportunities Tammy was given were:


  • Sorting 10,000 pounds of food at the Macomb County Food Program warehouse

  • Warren Waste Water Treatment tour

  • Energy and Environment Day program with contributors Terry Gibb (Senior Extension Educator, Michigan State University), Meg Guillaumin (Maintenance Manager, DTE Energy) and Gerry Santoro (Program Manager, Land & Water Resources)

  • Defense Industry Day with a tour of GVSC/TACOM

  • Touring Macomb Community College Campus Dental Clinic


Tammy was humbled to be named a Taubman Fellow by the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG). The Taubman Fellowship for Executive Excellence provides local public officials with demonstrated leadership skills an opportunity to broaden their awareness of effective approaches to public-sector problems. She was selected along with Macomb County Commissioner Mai Xiong to attend the prestigious Senior Executives State and Local Government Program.

Over the course of three weeks, Tammy was deeply inspired by professors, developed friendships with other executive leaders and immersed herself in Boston and it's architecture. The lessons were invaluable.

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