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Committee appointments are where rubber meets the road in securing power to create policy that directly improves the lives of residents in tangible and necessary ways. Tammy Patton understands the vital nature of these seats in creating change and is honored to serve on nine committees.

"Each committee or commission I sit on is not for me, but for the community and the individuals that they impact.  I look at where I can assist or lend aide and perspective.  Oftentimes we come in with subjective views and only can see things through our own eyes, however I work at seeing things through others and how it impacts their lives. "



As a Planner, this committee role provides Tammy the opportunity to hear, see, and understand, what businesses or homes are coming to the community and determine if the new development fits the vision of the community. She has learned a significant amount in a year and she takes her role as a planner seriously.  To know that sites will be developed or renovated, shows growth and is important for sustainability for the Township. Tammy has been a part of the decision making for many developments, and she is proud to see the completion of so many projects that she has had input in.



Tammy asked to be assigned to this committee several months after COVID-19 was recognized. She wanted to be a part of it because the committee looks at proactive responses and effectiveness, and not just reactionary efforts, if there is an emergency in our Township or State. The committee oversees the development of emergency preparedness and response plan. Tammy helps analyze emergency management initiatives and evaluate for the effectiveness of the emergency responsive, preparedness, and recovery of Clinton Township. This is an essential committee for the safety and welfare of the community.


A diverse and healthy economy is something Tammy strives to continue to see in the community. By recommending policies, procedures, and ordinances, she is able to provide direct input in business recruitment and retention. The economic team works to be creative in highlighting existing businesses, while thinking of way to recruit new ones.



The purpose of the subcommittee is to investigate, analyze and recommend capital improvement projects and other related park improvements and park utilization in order to enhance the features of  Prince Drewry Park and provide for park utilization by the public, improving the wellbeing of persons living in areas surrounding the park and the public at large.


Tammy strives to be of service for the senior community by hearing their needs and assisting in the resolution of any issues they might have. She continues to advocate for seniors and by serving on this committee, it allows her to do just that. They review and oversee matters involving those living at Heritage Estates, including reviewing budgets, management services furnished, contracts, and capital needs for maintenance, repair and replacement.

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This committee receives items for review from citizens, department heads, developers and referrals from the Township Board. The committee is an advisory subcommittee. Tammy serves as the second alternate for this committee and while she views her role, if needed, as important, she doesn't often get to be a voice on this committee.


Ensuring the integrity of the elections is always a priority. Tammy has worked elections with her older children for for several years now. She takes pride in the election process and completely understands the importance of it. Tammy has personally recruited a few dozen people to work the election polls, and she continues to do so. She shows her children and others, that there's value in what we do and how we do it.  The commission looks at the lines drawn for precincts, makes decisions on precinct areas, where the precincts will be housed, and more.



Tammy was honored to be appointed by Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel to this position.  The Detroit Institute of Arts is enriched in so much history.  The AIA has a service agreement with the DIA, and this allows them to advocate on behalf of the citizens of Macomb County.

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