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Tammy Patton is defined by her love of community and devotion to her family. Growing up in Detroit, she learned at a young age that we must cherish our neighborhoods and be the vehicle for change and improvement needed. Tammy has a natural ability and a track record as a voice for her community. Her friends and neighbors seek her out to represent them: she has always been trusted as a passionate advocate for all.


Tammy shares qualities with the Energizer Bunny: she goes and goes and goes! That drive, anchored by her values of service, took her far in education. After achieving an Associate's Degree from Henry Ford Community College, she continued her impressive pace securing a Bachelor's Degree in Community Service and a Master's Degree in Community Counseling at Sienna Heights University. Tammy, a devout Roman Catholic, then pursued deeper spiritual education with a Pastoral Ministry Degree through Sacred Heart Major Seminary.

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But prior to her education, Tammy served in the highest capacity possible: enlisting in the military. She answered the call and served eight years as a decorated member of the U.S. Army. Something that she learned right away is the integral quality of hard work. Tammy has firsthand experience with the integrity of all forms of work: she has flipped burgers, worked on an assembly line, acted as a fair and compassionate landlord, worked in Chippewa Valley Schools and served as PTO President, amongst other occupations. She knows that anyone who makes an honest living deserves the utmost respect and consideration, especially our essential workers. 

Tammy has had experience working for many employers, but in 2003 she took the plunge and started her own small business. From this successful venture, she has gained practical experience meeting time and budget constraints, developed marketing strategies, developed community activities, drafted business proposals and analyses, and assisted in organizational morale and team building. In 2008, Tammy became a Licensed Counselor with the State of Michigan and shortly thereafter started her own counseling outfit. Her counseling and ministry are one and the same; she's volunteered extensively at church and in prison ministry.


Tammy feels that involvement and service to one's community is a privilege and an honor in preserving its progress. Prior to her time in office, she served on several Clinton Township committees, including Diversity and Parks and Recreation.


Tammy's heart beats for her family. It is her north star and her daily motivation. For twenty-three years she has shared a marriage with her best friend, Cliff. That solid and unshakeable foundation has grown six children, Anthony (age 30), Clifford (age 24), Daniel (age 22), Bailey (age 19), Grant (age 15), and Ivy (age 8). But Tammy's heart has even more room: she and Cliff have fostered over twelve children and have adopted. The Patton family finds strength in their love for each other.


And that family's love extends to Clinton Township. For eighteen years, the family has given back to the community they call home. As Tammy puts it, "We fell in love with the Parks and Rec events.  We fell in love with the people.  I love how people greet you as you walk through the neighborhoods.  I enjoy seeing people outdoors doing activities like biking or kayaking.  I love the Library.  I love how everyone flocks to the Tall hill during the winter with their families to slide down in their sleds.  I love getting our daughters all dressed up for the Daddy Daughter Dance every year.  I love how each of my children has had the opportunity to volunteer and/or sit on committees run by Clinton Township Parks and Rec.  The camaraderie is intoxicating."

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stuffed animal drive


Since 2001, Tammy and Cliff have led a stuffed animal drive in memory of their daughter, Erin. Raising upwards of 400 stuffed animals each September through October, donation sites can be found all across Clinton Township. Donations are given to St. John Hospital of Michigan in Detroit and the Children's Hospital Speciality Center in Clinton Township. It is a profound feeling to help put a smile on a child's face and give them a new friend to hold on to for comfort.

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